• 18th July
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Pregnancy Hits and Misses

Well, as this pregnancy gets down to the last 10 weeks, there are some things I’m ready to say goodbye too and somethings I’m going to miss when little James arrives. Jay and I plan on only have 2 babies, so this is the last 10 weeks in my life I’ll be pregnant - and I try to remind myself of that when I get frustrated with it.

Things I’ll miss when I’m not pregnant anymore:

1. Feeling James wiggle around in my tummy. Truly by far my most favorite part of being pregnant.

2. Having a perfectly valid excuse to go to bed at the same time Grace does.

Things I’ll be glad to enjoy again once James is here:

1. Of course, holding my new baby and watching Jay and Grace with him.

2. Having a drink or two with my friends - Skype wine nights with Heidi, backporch sitting with Meesh, etc.

3. Having the energy to stay up past when Grace goes to bed - I know not at first, but down the road!

4. Being back to my normal small size - I’m already charting my plan of attack. 

5. I miss real exercise - the kind where you work up a sweat and feel amazing afterwards. I want to run and lift weights and not have to wear 4 sports bras to do so!

6. Ready to not have to visit the ladies room very 10 minutes.

I know I’ll miss being pregnant when I’m not anymore … but for the time being, I’m pretty excited to meet my new baby and get back to “normal.”

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